Ready to Get Outside Your Box? 

Weight Box

Healthy Weight Coaching:

Work Virtually 1:1 with Jaclyn

  • Weekly Check In with Jaclyn 

  • Set healthy weight loss goals

  • Create healthy lifestyle habits that help you keep the weight off

  • Receive weekly affirmations via text to help keep you motivated and on track

  • Work on nutrition & fitness goals 

  • Access to Jaclyn through SOS text messages

  • Learn how to tackle stressful situations 

  • Learn how to say no to both foods and experiences

  •  Never feel tied down!

Confidence Box 

Confidence Coaching: 

Work Virtually 1:1 with Jaclyn

  • Increase your energy and aura

  • Receive daily affirmations and motivational quotes via text messages 

  • Find success and fulfillment with life

  • Outline your life goals to help achieve the life you dream of

  • Create your success by working alongside Jaclyn to step outside of your comfort zone 

  • Learn stress relieving techniques

  • Learn how to speak with confidence and capture an audience

  • Recognize your self worth

  • Learn how to create a routine that helps you stay on track

  • Prepare to soar with confidence and grace!

Autoimmune Box

Tackle Your Autoimmune Condition: 

Work Virtually 1:1 with Jaclyn

  • Learn how to properly nourish your body

  • Recognize trigger foods that may be creating inflammation

  • Identify personal care products that may be affecting your health

  • Learn stress relieving techniques to help your body remain relaxed

  • Create a routine that is beneficial for your lifestyle and autoimmune disease

  • Receive daily affirmations/motivational quotes via text message

  • Access to Jaclyn through SOS text messages

  • Learn how to be your own advocate and receive guidance on questions you should be asking your medical provider

  • Get ready to take back your life and increase your energy!  

Special Needs Box

Work In Person or Virtually 1:1 with Jaclyn

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Lifestyle Coaching

  • Motivational Coaching

  • Confidence & Encouragement Coachin

  • Jaclyn understands that each case needs a different approach and will act accordingly based on the situation. 

  • Take chances, dare to be different.